Lament for William Smith 

“Here Lyeth William Smith son to William Smith in Hill who for his adhering to the covenanted work of reformation was shot at Minnyhive Moss the 29 day of March 1685, his age 19 years, This deed was done not by a council of war but by countrymen without assyse”

String Quartet for Violin, Nyckelharpa, Harp & Double Bass.

Commissioned by Moniaive Festival Village as part of the Cairn Valley Song Cycle. Written in memory of William Smith, who in 1685 was unlawfully shot just outside the village of Moniaive during the Killing Times. There is a strong history of covenanting in Moniaive and the surrounding areas, this was a great opportunity to explore some of the stories and local history. Smith’s family had lived on the farm where I now stay. More information can be viewed here.

Cairn Valley Song Cycle is a very special set of songs newly commissioned by Moniaive Festival Village as part of their Creative Places Award. Ten UK composers, some local, some internationally acclaimed, explore their response to the beautiful landscape of the Cairn Valley and the changing sense of community and home, through the ages.

The Song Cycle was performed alongside Scottish Ensemble as part of Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival.

Video footage filmed by Neil McLarty of Fliptake Films.