Flight is an immersive soundscape/composition influenced and inspired by the migration of barnacle geese from Svalbard to Caerlaverock.  Taking the idea of migration Flight explores the ability to move from one place to another, using multiple sounds sources to create something that mimics the movement of the birds.  Individual parts are composed to work together as a movement with room for personal expression within the framework, creating a performance unique to each outing.
The piece was initially commissioned by the Stove Network to coincide with Kathy Hinde’s Luminous Birds project with its first performance at the opening on the 7th September 2016.  Flight is to be part of Cryptic’s 2017 Cryptic Nights programme and will be developed during a residency at Cove Park in March with a performance in Glasgow in May.
Special acknowledgement to Sound recordists Geoff Sample and Simon Elliott who have very kindly allowed their recordings of the geese to be used for this piece.